Is the back pain relief program painful?

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Will the program be painful?

    The protocol and goal of the What A Relief clinic, with the use of the DBC Active Spine Care® program, is to reduce your pain while restoring function to the spine so that you can return to your normal activities. There will be some initial sessions where your tissues are changing and soreness may seem like pain.  We want you to understand that there is a big difference between pain and soreness.
Pain is indicative of tissues and structures in your spine not working in sequence together and probably coming in contact with a nerve(s). Soreness is caused by the tearing down and rebuilding of soft tissue as the DBC Active Spine Care® program works to return the proper sequencing of these structures to normalcy. You will experience some soreness and that is why we have you do specific stretches each day to help ease this soreness. As you progress in the program, the soreness will initially dissipate and then as more load and motion are increased, slight soreness will come and go. Soreness is indicative of positive change in the stabilizing structures of your spine.

Is the back pain relief program painful

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