DBC Active Spine Care

Documentation Based Care for lower back pain (DBC)

DBC Active Spine Care technology has been around for years, but not easily available for the general public. There are many reasons for that including COST, Clinics, Providers, Insurance….but the demand has always been here. In-Fact on google alone over 1 million searches a month happen related to Lower Back Pain, Back Pain Relief and general BACK PAIN.

Millions of people suffer from back pain, and a recent study showed that 87% of Americans will have back pain in their life-time and millions will suffer from life long chronic back pain.

What-A-Relief Clinics are her to fix that by providing easy access at an affordable cost to DBC Health Active Spine Care technology, Science and Data.

Our goal is to provide easy access , at a fair price! if you have interest in going to WAR against your back pain, give us a call 1-214-A-RELIEF or visit What A Relief clinic near!

DBC Active Spine Care APP

Get the Free the What A Relief app!  Comes with many free features to help you go to WAR on back pain!

DBC Active Spine Care

DBC Active Spine Care

We are here to help.

We want to go to WAR with you against back pain so if you need help feel free to call 1-214-A-RELIEF