WAR clinics

October 31, 2016

So your ready to go to WAR?

Here are a list of service locations currently taking new members.

Fate Texas clinic for  Back Pain

You can also call 1-214-A-RELIEF for locations scheduled to open near you.

We are also excited to offer our new “5 Star General” membership!

5 Star General - What A Relief Back Pain Center

5 Star General – What A Relief

5 Star General -WAR Membership

This is a membership that puts you in control of a clinic. If you have what it takes to be a 5 Star General, keep reading!

Our technology works so well, but to keep the access to it low we are using our customers to help spread the word about What-A-Relief.


A 5 Star General does the following:

  • Is excited about WAR, and wants to have easy access near them.
  • They are evangelists for the cause, and go out and find others who suffer from back pain and share the WAR story.
  • They take an active role in choosing the perfect location that will provide easy access to themselves and the other back pain suffers they are over.
  • Once they find location, and enough members to open a new WAR Clinic they will work with the company to do a GRAND OPENING!

Like all Generals, they want to win the WAR and should get rewarded for their part in success. We believe the same thing, and every 5 Star General will get a free membership for the life!  <<<Pretty Cool Battle story right. (Not to mention freedom from back pain)

If you have interest in becoming a 5 Star General call the command center 1-214-A-RELIEF